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Industrial Sector

Collection of Statistics in Mining, Energy, Industry, Construction and Supermarket. Indexes and Statistical series.

  • Mining

    Detailed index on Mining Production and Statistical Series.

  • Energy (INE)

    Details on Statistical Series related to Generation and Distribution of electric power.

  • Energy (CNE)

    Statistics of the Chilean electric sector, classified into Electricity, Hydrocarbons, and Renewable Energies, according to balances prepared, on a yearly basis, by the National Energy Commission.

  • Industry

    Break down of statistical information on production indexes and physical sales of the Manufacturing Industry, by group and economic classification. In addition, statistics on Information Technology and Communications, and statistical indexes of production and physical sales.

  • Building

    Detailed statistics on such topics as: built surface area and number of houses approved and started, for both the whole country and the Metropolitan Region.

  • Supermarkets

    Detailed statistics related to general and regional supermarket sales.

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