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Capital Markets

The capital markets area provides consulting to the Finance Ministry on the design and implementation of legal initiatives to regulate the financial system in a way that will cultivate growth, depth and competition to promote the nation’s economic development.

It monitors the local financial system and its impact on other sectors in the economy in terms of immediate and long-term issues related to the development of capital markets. It also provides support on public policy issues that have financial components, even though they may be associated with other areas of the economy, such as pension reform and labor market initiatives.

To accomplish its tasks the capital markets area works actively with entities responsible for regulating the financial system, such as Chile’s Central Bank, the Superintendency of Private Pension Funds, the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance, and the Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions, and helps coordinate the activities of the committee on which those authorities serve. It also works with the capital markets advisory council, which is made up of members from different private sectors, to resolve issues related to modernization of the financial system.

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