2023 Issuances

The detail of the auctions already done is the following:

Auction Date Bond Allocation (Original currency)
Feb 15, 2023  T-Bill, August 2023 1,250,000,000,000
Feb 21, 2023 T-Bill, August 2023 1,250,000,000,000
Feb 21, 2023 BTP-2024 1,200,000,000,000



Total debt authorization reaches US$17bn, of which the Public Debt Office has announced a plan by US$15bn. This plan considers the issuance of around US$12bn in the local market. 

It is worth no note that T-Bills with maturity in the same year do not use margin debt, and thus they are not included in the US$15bn previously mentioned. Up to today, it has been allocated US$1,365 million equivalent.


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